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In 2015, the brand SPRUT changes its name to STWAVE.

Since January 2015 the company SPRUT TIRES starts a new project - the release of wheel disks. So the company began the expansion of coverage and entering the global market, including countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa. For this creates a single unique brand that combines trucks and passenger tires and wheels.

Title STWAVE is an evolution of the brand SPRUT.

ST - is an abbreviation of SPRUT, and WAVE - is a new wave in the companies life.

A common name STWAVE will create a sturdy alliance of tires and wheels, and protect the company from the intersection with the existing brands.

All newest technologies, advanced equipment and high quality raw materials that were used in the manufacture of tires SPRUT TIRES, stay for the manufacture of tires ST WAVE. Thus, STWAVE - this is not a new brand, this is updated brand SPRUT. Letter prefix indicating the tire model, will remain unchanged.

 Today the STWAVE product line presented in TBR and PCR  segments in several series according to their applicability to the axles, which is much easier to find necessary model. ST WAVE Tires undergo quality control by the U.S. DOT safety standards and certification of ISO management system and satisfy National State Standards.